Paul Wayne Gregory Christmas Selection

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Paul Wayne Gregory Christmas Selection

When you think of Christmas chocolate, the chances are that images of giant tins of Quality Street or Cadbury Roses come to mind. But Christmas chocolates don’t need to be laden with sugar and additives. How about something handmade with simple ingredients and free from additives this year?

This elegant selection from London chocolatier Paul Wayne Gregory contains just three different chocolates, each wrapped in 65% dark chocolate. Salted caramel, Passion Fruit and Christmas Pudding flavours.

Paul Wayne Gregory Christmas Selection

The salted caramel – unusually coloured blue – has a soft but firm centre with a silky smooth, buttery texture. The flavour is quite delicate and not too sweet, and reminds me of a butterscotch. I really enjoyed the simplicity of this chocolate. It’s uncomplicated but delicious and very easy to eat.

Paul Wayne Gregory Christmas Selection

In yellow we have a have a passion fruit ganache, with a similar soft, smooth filling. This time, the chocolate features a tangy, fruity flavour that works perfectly with the dark chocolate.

Paul Wayne Gregory Christmas Selection

Finally, in red, we have a “Christmas Pudding ganache”. Made with seasonal spices, rum and real Christmas pudding, this is the real festive showpiece of the box. The filling is soft and smooth, but not as buttery as the caramel of passion fruit. But it really does taste like Christmas pudding! The rum is quite prominent, and it’s quite rich, but it’s the perfect complement to the other chocolates.

I really enjoyed this simple, delicious and beautifully presented selection. They’re a little different from your average festive chocolates – perfect for sharing, or simply as a gift for someone special.


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