Metrodeco Graham Greene & Chocolate Tea

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Metrodeco Graham Greene & Chocolate Tea

This is a bit of an unusual one; a Chinese Yunnan green tea from Brighton-based Metrodeco. It’s made with echinacea and cocoa shells, which are meant to give the blend it’s “chocolatey difference”.
Cocoa shells are a byproduct of the chocolate making process. When the cocoa beans have been dried and roasted – they have their thing, papery shells removed in the winnowing process. They’re sometimes used as a mulch, but as they retain some of the flavour of the cocoa bean, they can also be used to make a tasty infusion. It goes to show how versatile cacao is.

Metrodeco Graham Greene & Chocolate Tea

This is a loose tea, but Metrodeco were kind enough to supply some tea bags to make my infusion with. Some hot water and three minutes later and my tea was ready.

Metrodeco Graham Greene & Chocolate Tea

The most prominent flavour is the the green tea. I’m not a major fan of green tea, but I did enjoy it here. It’s refreshing, with a slightly flowery note. The cocoa flavour on the other hand is much more subtle – a lot more subtle than the Teapigs Chocolate Tea I reviewed a while back.

That said, this is a very pleasant tea, and one that I’ll certainly be enjoying again. Don’t expect a major chocolate hit from it, but if you like green tea and chocolate, it’s well worth trying.


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