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Radius Telecoms delivers world’s leading Managed Security Service

May 17, 2017


In light of the recent ransomware cyber security attack that has now reached more than 150 countries and 200,000 computers shutting down hospitals, universities, warehouses and banks. Radius Telecoms Inc, urges its clients to ensure that their network and ultimately their business is protected.

While the ransomware cyber-attack, has been temporarily halted, security, firewall and end-point protection are still of paramount concern as cybersecurity threat continues to be on the rise and is expected to get more sophisticated in the very near future.

Hence, the importance of having a world-class service providers watching over client’s network.

“Radius Telecoms, through our partnership with Fortinet, one of the global leading network security providers, is able to provide credible and highly secured managed security service to our customers.”, said Al Solis, Radius Vice President for Product & Marketing. “We are able to offer customized security solutions for small, mid-size and large enterprises conveniently bundled to our connectivity services.” Solis added.

For their part, Fortinet advisory last May 12, 2017 encourages the public to apply the published patch by Microsoft on all affected nodes of the user network and if in case your network has been infected already, isolate immediately the compromised device and disassociate them in the network as soon as possible to prevent spreading them in other shared drives. In addition, affected devices must be power-off to stop continued corruption of files.

“Nowadays, network security is a default must-have on customer network and a provider like us, can take care of this on behalf of the customer giving them peace of mind so they can focus more on their core business. Radius Managed Security covers the regular updating of anti-virus and Intrusion Prevention System, as well as web filtering engines to fend off harmful malwares on the customer network.” Solis said in conclusion.

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