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A Shift to the Digital Platform : Radius at the Asia IOT Business Platform Philippines Summit

May 18, 2018

Radius Telecoms, Inc. was one of the sponsors of the 22nd edition of the Asia IOT Business Platform Philippines Summit held at the Manila Marriott Hotel last April 26 to 27, 2018.

Present in the event were Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) Undersecretary Mr. Moncito B. Ibrahim, and different leaders and stakeholders from the Government as well as the Telecommunications, Finance, Manufacturing, Transportation, Logistics and ICT industries, both local and international.

The Asian IoT Business Platform is a premier business program which aims to address key issues facing the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) technology in the ASEAN region. It is a venue where enterprises can gain awareness and understanding about the adoption of IoT for their businesses and connect international IoT solutions providers with prospective local partners and clients for their regional business development.

Opening the summit, DICT Undersecretary Ibrahim stressed the need for everyone to adapt to the changing market. “There is a brewing storm of change, and you, as IoT enthusiasts, know it’s about to hit the Asian market hard, for better or for worse. As we move into a world where Artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and IoT will soon be dominating, we should prepare for what’s to come.” He said.

Radius’ Vice President and Head for Product and Marketing, Mr. Alfredo B. Solis Jr. was also one of the panelists in the Industry Trends and Outlook discussion where insights, opportunities and latest developments as well as issues and challenges in the IoT landscape in the Philippines were discussed. He shared the growing opportunities in IoT as companies are investing and integrating IoTs in their systems and processes. Mr. Solis, however, also mentioned the major challenges in infrastructure and the awareness level of the Filipinos on IoT as most are still accustomed with the “old ways” of doing things. “IoT is here and it’s here to stay. Filipinos are already using IoT but they are not aware that it is IoT already. I think the problem here is awareness.” Mr. Solis added.

IoT in the Philippines may not be as comprehensive and advanced compared to its neighboring countries, being still in its developmental stage. However, the Philippine government has pledged support by encouraging private sector efforts on research and development and information campaigns to create awareness to effectively and efficiently implement IoT in the country as the market shifts to the digital landscape. As a panel finale, Solis recommended that “there must be collaboration between the government, the telecommunications companies, as well as the vendors for IoT to be implemented well in the country.”

Industry Trends and Outlook panelists, from left to right: Edgardo Cabarlos, Deputy Commissioner of National Telecommunications Commission; Alfredo Solis, Jr., VP and Head – Product & Marketing of Radius Telecoms; Maria Corazon Dichosa, Executive Director for the Board of Investments of Department of Trade and Industry; Hendra Sumiarsa, Head of IOT & Vertical Apps Solutions of Indosat Ooredoo

Radius ad at the IoT event program and brochure

From left to right: Joseph Muzones, Relationship Manager of Radius Telecoms; Minerva Mesina, CIOFF Ways and Means Committee Chairperson; Simeon Kintanar, Former NTC Commissioner; Nikolai Magto, Marketing Specialist of Radius Telecoms; Noel Lopez, Senior Relationship Manager of Radius Telecoms; Sheng Hermano, Marketing Head of Radius Telecoms

Day 2 IoT Radius delegates, from left to right: Tony Aquino, Relationship Manager; Mhello Edaño-Torres, Senior Relationship Manager; Rosey Salunga-Avancena, Relationship Manager; Nikolai Magto, Marketing Specialist; Sheng Hermano, Marketing Head; Tin Dominguez, Relationship Manager