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Radius provides 100Mbps Dedicated Internet for Rootcon 13

October 9, 2019

Radius was once again the internet connectivity provider of the Rootcon Hacking Conference at Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay last September 26-27, 2019. Radius provided 100Mbps Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) for this 2-day hacking conference, to support the plenary, breakout sessions and hacking activities onsite.

This year’s Rootcon’s theme was lifted from James Patrick Hogan’s novel, “The Two Faces of Tomorrow”, which related that technology had become much too complicated for humans to handle, and the computer network that had grown up to keep civilization from tripping over its own shoelaces was also beginning to be overwhelmed. Computers were logical but not reasonable, and some of the rigorously logical solutions the silicon governors came up with had come terrifyingly close to causing fatal accidents. Thus, the development of a self-aware artificial intelligence was spearheaded to test if it will adjust and adapt in the given environment to solve the problem.

Rootcon has maintained its posture as the neutral ground for the hacking community, catering to both underground and enterprise corporations. They have been successful in gathering the country’s best hackers, complemented by corporates’ network security engineers and decision makers. They have managed to provide an affordable conference also to the hacking community, through the support of their partners.

The 2nd time to sponsor the event’s internet connectivity, Radius has also an exhibitor booth in the event, which served as a place to discuss the company’s products and services for possible future partnerships and collaboration. Booth visitors enjoyed the Jenga and golf activities, as well as the prizes that they get upon completing a game prepared in the booth.

The event organizers expressed their utmost appreciation to Radius, for being a reliable partner for this event. “Radius sponsorship made a big chunk in making the conference a great success, the conference wouldn’t be the same without your support. We are looking forward to your participation again next year.”

Radius Booth at Rootcon13

Golf and Jenga Activities at Radius Booth

Discussing Radius products for prospect partnership

Rootcon13 Radius participants from left to right: Pre-sales Sr. Solutions Architect: Jervy Delos Reyes; Relationship Manager: Mark Ardy Dela Pena; Marketing Officer: Angela Nachelle Domingo; Marketing Head: Sheng Hermano; Relationship Manager: Vincent Cabana